With deep roots and a rich history,this gin carries not only a refined taste but also significant meaning. Let yourself be captivated by the unique blend of craftsmanship and the beautiful story behind it.

Suriname, located on the northeast ​coast of South America, has a rich and ​complex history that dates back to the ​indigenous peoples who inhabited the ​region. The country, once a colony of the ​Netherlands, still bears the influences ​of the past. Starting from 1760, the ​Dutch offered jenever as a gift when ​concluding peace treaties with the ​Maroons (escaped slaves).The ingredients ​of jenever, including the juniper berry, ​are believed to have a cleansing effect, ​which is why they are often used in ​rituals.

Gin, derived from jenever, also contains ​juniper berries. LOBI Gin contains not ​only juniper but also passion fruit, ​ginger, orange peel, vanilla, and a hint ​of cinnamon.Each carrying its own ​spiritual significance.

Together, these ingredients create a ​robust gin with a delightful aftertaste, ​especially enjoyable when savored in its ​pure form.

The Dagi knot, originally known as the ​mat beater, also holds a special place in ​Surinamese culture. Besides its role in ​clearing away the bad, it also symbolizes ​the connection between the universe and ​life, representing a harmonious bond.

The bottle carrying this symbol ​represents positivity and love (Lobi).

Discover the true essence of enjoyment with Lobi Gin.

A seductive symphony of flavors that not only tantalizes on its own but also dances gracefully in your favorite mix. Whether you crave the classic freshness of tonic, the timeless elegance of an old fashioned, or the sparkling vibrancy of our signature serve - Lobi Gin ensures an unforgettable experience.


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The Netherlands - Schiedam

Our love for Mother Earth is profound. We prioritize making a positive impact on the Amazon region. For every bottle of Lobi Gin sold, a donation is made to the Amazon Conservation Team.



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